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Hey Posse, Folks know that Jin and I like tea. This Christmas we have been inundated, fortunately. Some individuals even hit the jackpot and acquired us our favourites. My most well-liked tea rituals since spending lots of time in India within the noughties and pre teenagers are to have a pot of tea within the afternoon when time permits and a cuppa earlier than bedtime. This acquired me desirous about tea in fragrance. I’ve a few favourites. L’Artisan Tea for Two and Elizabeth Arden Inexperienced Tea Mimosa is my present flanker. There’s a journey of Bulgari Eau Parfumee au The Vert and FB of Noir however they hardly ever get a spritz, although I get pleasure from them. I’m certain there are extra round right here, OH! Simply considered one Masque Milano Russian Tea, very good.

Tea for Consuming and Perfuming

Tea Times for Drinking and Perfuming

So immediately I’m asking about Tea Perfumes or Leaves that you just significantly love. Doesn’t must be posh, or memorable. For those who love a tea bag from the grocery store to your tea ingesting, coolio, me too. I’m as proud of Lipton as I’m with Guerlain Shalimar tea. If ever you assume I’d want some extra tea, right here’s a tip. My all time favorite tea is Royal Blend teabags from Fortnum & Mason. It was so glamorous to carry again a bunch of them to Australia after each go to. Since then the cachet has worn off a bit as a result of they’re obtainable at my favorite division retailer David Jones. Hasn’t diminished my love for them one whit.

Additionally, my perfumes which are tea-centric come for fully completely different worth factors and availabilities. For those who find it irresistible, put on it. Additionally, don’t really feel embarrassed or shamed into not commenting in case your favorite tea or tea fragrance is a cheapy. We’re not snobs, take part, inform us all. We find it irresistible once you remark and create a dialog. Additionally, your favorite funds alternative may assist us to seek out new issues.

Tea Times Royal Blend teabags from Fortnum & Mason


So what are your favorite Teas for fragrance and ingesting?
Portia xx