Simulant Diamonds vs. Lab Created Diamonds

Questioning which inexpensive stone to decide on on your engagement ring or subsequent piece of bijou? We’ll stroll you thru all there may be to learn about simulant diamonds vs. lab created diamonds and assist you to make your best option on your price range and preferences!

Simulant Diamonds Vs. Lab Created Diamonds

What Are Diamonds?

Earlier than we dive into the world of simulants and lab grown diamonds, let’s get to know the star of the present – diamonds themselves. Diamonds are valuable gem stones fashioned deep throughout the Earth’s mantle below immense stress and warmth. They’re famend for his or her distinctive hardness, brilliance, and timeless magnificence. 

What Are Simulated Diamonds?

Simulant diamonds, also known as diamond simulants, are gem stones that mimic the looks of pure diamonds however are composed of various supplies. These stones are crafted to mimic the glint and attract of real diamonds.

Loose diamonds and simulants

Simulant Diamonds vs. Lab Created Diamonds: Elements To Think about


Simulant diamonds carefully resemble pure diamonds by way of their look. They possess exceptional brilliance and readability, making them visually indistinguishable from their pure counterparts to the bare eye.


One vital benefit of simulant diamonds is their affordability. They’re usually extra budget-friendly in comparison with pure and lab created diamonds, making them a beautiful possibility for these searching for a diamond-like aesthetic with out the hefty price ticket.


From an moral standpoint, simulants are conflict-free. Since they don’t seem to be mined, they don’t contribute to the moral considerations related to the diamond trade, corresponding to blood diamonds.

Examples of Diamond Simulants

  1. Cubic Zirconia
  2. Moissanite
  3. White Sapphire
  4. Rutile

How Are Simulant Diamonds Created?

Stones like moissanite and cubic zirconia are created utilizing a technique known as crystal synthesis. On this course of, scientists replicate the situations discovered deep throughout the Earth’s mantle, the place pure gem stones are fashioned.

By heating and cooling particular chemical compounds, they’ll generate crystals with properties resembling these of diamonds or different valuable stones, making them in style decisions for jewellery attributable to their brilliance and affordability.

Professionals of Diamond Simulants

  • Affordability: Simulant diamonds provide an inexpensive different to pure diamonds, permitting extra folks to take pleasure in their magnificence.
  • Battle-Free: They’re ethically sound, contributing to peace of thoughts for conscientious patrons.
  • Look: Simulants like moissanite have much more glowing brilliance than diamonds.

Cons of Diamond Simulants

  • Sturdiness: Simulants usually are not as sturdy as pure or lab created diamonds, which implies they might scratch or lose their luster over time.
  • Authenticity: Whereas mimicking the looks, simulants lack the intrinsic worth and rarity of pure diamonds.
diamond and simulant jewelry

Lab Created Diamonds

Lab created diamonds, also called lab grown or artificial diamonds, are a product of superior scientific processes that replicate the pure diamond formation course of. They’re created in managed environments, corresponding to laboratories, relatively than being extracted from the Earth’s crust.


Lab diamonds are just about similar to pure diamonds by way of look. They possess the identical brilliance, fireplace, and optical traits that make diamonds so charming.


In comparison with pure diamonds, lab grown diamonds are extra inexpensive. Whereas they is probably not as cheap as simulants, they nonetheless provide an economical different to conventional diamonds.


One of many key moral benefits of lab created diamonds is their environmentally pleasant manufacturing. They’ve a considerably decrease carbon footprint in comparison with mined diamonds and don’t contribute to dangerous mining practices.

Professionals of Lab Created Diamonds

  • High quality: They provide the identical high-quality look and sturdiness as pure diamonds.
  • Worth: Lab grown diamonds present wonderful worth for his or her value, making them a beautiful possibility for patrons.
  • Battle-Free: They’re ethically sound, contributing to peace of thoughts for conscientious patrons.
  • Versatility: They arrive in all fancy shade diamond choices

Cons of Lab Created Diamonds

  • Perceived Worth: Some people should worth pure diamonds extra attributable to their rarity and custom.
  • Preliminary Value: Whereas extra inexpensive than pure diamonds, lab created diamonds could have the next preliminary value than simulants.
loose fancy shaped diamonds and a diamond engagement ring

Simulant Diamonds vs. Lab Created Diamonds: Evaluating Sturdiness

When selecting a diamond, sturdiness is a vital issue to think about. Let’s take a more in-depth have a look at how simulant diamonds vs. lab created diamonds evaluate by way of their means to resist each day put on and tear.

Simulant Diamonds

With regards to sturdiness, simulant diamonds, whereas dazzling in look, have limitations. These stones are usually a lot softer than pure and lab created diamonds, which implies they are often extra vulnerable to scratches and abrasions. Nevertheless, moissanite is an exception right here, with a hardness nearer to diamonds at 9.5 on the Mohs scale.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Alternatively, lab diamonds share the distinctive sturdiness of pure diamonds. Their hardness on the Mohs scale is similar to that of pure diamonds, making them extremely proof against scratching and harm.

The Mohs Scale of Hardness

The Science Behind Lab Created Diamonds

The creation of lab grown diamonds is a marvel of contemporary science. To understand these gems totally, let’s delve into the intricate processes and superior applied sciences that carry them to life.

Lab created diamonds are grown via two main strategies: Excessive Stress Excessive Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

Excessive Stress Excessive Temperature (HPHT)

Within the HPHT technique, scientists recreate the acute situations discovered deep throughout the Earth’s mantle, the place pure diamonds type. Carbon atoms are subjected to excessive stress (over one million kilos per sq. inch) and excessive temperature (round 2,200 levels Celsius).

Beneath these intense situations, carbon atoms organize themselves into the crystal construction of a diamond. Over time, a diamond crystal grows layer by layer.

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

The CVD course of entails putting a small diamond seed in a sealed chamber stuffed with a carbon-rich fuel, corresponding to methane. When the fuel is heated to excessive temperatures, carbon atoms are launched and bond to the diamond seed, inflicting it to develop. This technique permits extra exact management over the diamond’s development and purity.

The results of these scientific processes is a lab created diamond that possesses the identical bodily, chemical, and optical properties as pure diamonds. They’re indistinguishable from pure diamonds even below shut inspection.

loose fancy shaped diamonds with tweezers and a loupe

Simulant Diamonds vs. Lab Created Diamonds: Selecting Your Stone

Now that you’ve got a clearer understanding of simulant diamonds vs. lab created diamonds, we’ll break down the the reason why you need to select these stones:

Earth Created Diamond:

  1. You like diamond’s sparkle
  2. You’ll put on your diamond jewellery typically
  3. You admire the billions of years of historical past contained in every stone

Lab Created Diamond:

  1. You like diamond’s sparkle
  2. You’ll put on your diamond jewellery typically
  3. You need a big diamond at a cheaper price


  1. You’re on a price range
  2. You want small-carat stones
  3. You’ll put on your jewellery intensively

Cubic Zirconia:

  1. You’re on a price range
  2. You’ll put on your jewellery rigorously and never on daily basis
  3. You’re saving up for a costlier stone

Selecting the stone that fits your way of life is a vital a part of designing significant jewellery that may final you all through your life. And in case you select to purchase both lab-created diamonds or earth-created diamonds, you may select from 1000’s of lovely choices at James Allen.


Are simulated diamonds price something?

Simulated diamonds have worth primarily of their aesthetic enchantment. They aren’t as beneficial as pure or lab created diamonds from a financial standpoint.

Is a simulated diamond good high quality?

Simulated diamonds are crafted to imitate the standard of pure diamonds by way of look. Nevertheless, they lack the intrinsic hardness and longevity of pure or lab diamonds.

Is a simulated diamond a cubic zirconia?

No, simulated diamonds usually are not the identical as cubic zirconia. Whereas cubic zirconia is a well-liked diamond simulant, simulants might be constituted of varied supplies, together with moissanite and white sapphire.


As we wrap up this glowing exploration of simulant diamonds vs. lab created diamonds, it’s clear that each choices provide distinctive benefits. Simulants present an inexpensive and ethically sound possibility for individuals who want the looks of diamonds.

Whereas lab created diamonds provide a sustainable, high-quality different. The selection in the end comes right down to particular person preferences and priorities.


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