Basenotes Fragrance Crossword #26 | Basenotes

A mini crossword this week. You’ll be able to both obtain and print a pdf or attempt it on-line at Solutions subsequent week.



1. Linda Pilkinson’s Nice scent
4. Penhaligon’s rejoice the return of Spring
5. Sigilli scent impressed by historic area of Italy
6. Parker’s Secret Provide
7. Fragrance home with Energy, Richness and Glory
9. Neela Vermeire’s third emperor of the Maurya Empire
10. Sister model to Bois 1920
11. Barcelona primarily based fragrance home
12. Maker of Mania, Angle and Bleu Lazuli
13. Fragrance home with Magnetism


1. Neil Morris and Tallulah Jane scents that may be present in Bruce Wayne’s house.
2. L’Artisan perfume primarily based on the starchy scented blossom of the Ruizia Cordata tree
3. Floral Givenchy flanker
8. Aramis scent from 1994


Earlier Resolution​

New Grid-solution.png